About Carelli Healthy Hair

A hairdresser since the age of 14, Carelli Healthy Hair Australia  founder Judi Gravvanis was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer, which doctors told her was due to a life spent working with the chemicals used in hairdressing salons around the world.While chemicals will always be used in hairdressing, Judi says'' the emphasis should be on fixing hair naturally and  it is possible I have the proven results'' .

Faced with the possibility of losing not just her career, but her life, Judi embarked on creating her 3-Step Healthy Hair Care System with  signature blend of healing & organic and natural oils and lotions. She then made a concise decision to free herself of the harsh chemicals and to share it with others

Years of research went into the formulations & testing  and   Judi employed a natural products chemist to help identify other  botanical oils and vitamins that naturally work within the scalp and into the hair to make it grow and shine like never before  .

Carelli it's not just another hair oil, shampoo and conditioner ! It's everybody who wants to  maintain or achieve great hair without sulphates or harsh chemicals .

Judi's product line has received the nod from not only Australia's Top Model judge and fashion photographer Georges Antoni, who takes the products with him on photo shoots and endorses them .Also from people who love Carelli because they have lost and regained their hair after chemotherapy and could see the difference it made in the growing back phase .Others who have just weak or thin hair including men give it the thumbs up .

Hair loss in general can be stressful and Carelli has helped many sufferers .

While the products were originally  used in our healthy hair  salons, word of mouth and repeat sales have led to Carelli Healthy Hair becoming a fast growing business of its own.

"By creating something natural that really make a difference to every hair type  it makes you feel good  . My motto is sharing and caring  '' she says.

" Also it's about feeding your body the right nutrients, making sure you get enough minerals and iron  but do get advise from your doctor too " .

It took a dark journey for me to find that place, but now I want to show others the way to simply  have great hair free of chemicals was my goal andI have achieved it  . ''