Why Carelli

Carelli Healthy hair  Australia products are here to make difference that really matters when you want a great head of hair.

You see, our products are a corrective range they are   Carelli  Recovery oil  Elixer  the best shampoo  and the  Carelli Gloss treatment so (if your hair is dry, thinning, weak, lanky, sun damaged or colour damaged  ,frizzy  out of control our range will get your hair back to healthy   head of hair – so it’s can grow and be manageable once again.


Carelli products contain the perfect balance of organic and botanical oils and vitamins to help restore the hair’s natural body and elasticity – conditioning the hair and can give it shine & manageability because they are safe to use daily, and with every wash, for the total rebalancing and maintenance of your hair.

Feeding frizzy unruly hair and strengthening weak and fine hair, the Carelli system has been proven it can  promote strong growth by restoring hair that has been chemically or physically damaged .

Men use Carelli haircare to  try to halt that hair loss , if you have hair we can help grow it thicker .


As we are all streaming toward the ‘new world’ of chemical free products, this system is proud to be at the forefront of the hair care industry presenting this range by not using the nasty chemicals that may harm us because we are being kind to your hair and kind to the planet too.

Carelli is made in Australia and is not tested on animals.

About Carelli Healthy Hair Australia

Our hair experts worked in the hair industry  and found most products on the market just don’t deliver the  desired results  .After  years of research produced the perfect simple range that really works on the hair  and took it the market and have 1000’s happy hair customers .

Carelli Recovery oil  developers  created the oils  a pre wash so its unique and works like the building blocks to build hair stronger.

CARELLI Elixer shampoo   developing this product to  the perfect to blend was not an easy task,  as most NATURAL shampoos just don’t clean the hair well or make it shine Elixer Shampoo does .

Carelli Gloss Treatment  well  in developing this we wanted a multi use  conditioner/shiner/treatment that doesn’t weigh the hair down  ,yet delves the best shine and ongoing repair ..we cracked it  and glossy hair speaks for itself.

We want everyone to discover where health meets beauty without sacrificing quality or indulgence. The 3 product will deliver the difference your looking for .

Not only does this product truly look exclusive and luxurious but it also really works!


“….Raving About The Results…”

best-shampooDon’t just take our word for it – renowned international fashion photographer, Australia’s Next Top Model judge, and star of the television series “The Face”, Georges Antoni is an avid supporter, and endorses Carelli products for use on all of his photo shoots!

 I have been recommending it to many of the hair stylists that work on my fashion and beauty shoots.

Many of them are raving about the results they are seeing both in their own hair as well as the models that they use it on.”

Georges Antonio