Testimonials Why Everyone Loves Carelli Hair

Georges Antoni Carelli Hair
I have been recommending Carelli Hair Products to many of  the hair stylists that work on my fashion and beauty shoots. Many of them are raving about the results they are seeing both in their own hair as well as the models that they use it on."
Georges Antonio





Healthy hair is such a crucial part of my job and keeping it clean and looked after between shoots can be difficult. Since using the Carelli oil my hair is super smooth and shiny and I no longer suffer with dry ends. The Carelli oil has changed my hair for the better and I couldn't recommend it enough.

Phoebe Ghorayeb

My hair is naturally very coarse and wiry so when I was introduced to the Carelli oil I couldn't wait to give it a go. I massage it through my hair before blow drying it and it makes my hair softer and more malleable which means I can style it much more easily. It has completely changed the texture of my hair and I never miss a day without it.

Georges Antoni

Carelli Hair Care products are the only products I use on my hair. My hair is thicker, stronger & shinier thanks to these 3 step products. With my hair healthy & easy to manage, why would I think of using anything else. Not to mention the it's a quality natural product

Victoria McDonald

I had run out of your hair products and was temporarily using whatever the girls had in their bathroom. Because I'd leave Robina so early in the morning, it took me a while to getting around to getting the Carelli hair products. I have to say, the other morning, after making a special trip to the salon, I washed my hair, straight away the smell reminded me why I love them so much then i headed out, as my hair dried I noticed a definite difference to how my hair had been feeling whilst using something different. My hair loves me more now haha. the feeling is mutual .
Wendy Cummins

I have been using Carelli products for 8 years and can't recommend them highly enough. A little bit of luxury every day and so nice not to be using harmful chemicals.

Angela Doyle

My problem with Alpoecia which is hair loss on my scalp has been fixed by using the Carelli products .
I have been using them for the last 2 years and my hair has thickened dramatically .
I had tried many products on the market but I can say this is the only product that really works on my hair and scalp and I get months out of each product so its not expensive to use .
I really recommend it

Patricia Mitchell
Cosmetician /Aesthetician